Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Weird Light - Doomicvs Vobiscvm (2007) | 87%

Baguette Doom Series Part VI : “The Holy Father!!!”

Doom scenes are all pretty small throughout the world and while France has a better scene than Québec, it's still composed of a passionated minority of obscure bands. Weird Light is definitely one of the best kept secret of the underground. Their only released demo, a release of 2 songs for 23 minutes of music is a doom jewel and it's almost a tragedy that the band split up one year after it.

It's pure traditional doom classicism and that's perfectly fine for me. The duo found their niche rapidly and you can hear that their sound was already mature. I already mentioned the influence of Reverend Bizarre on the French doom scene but it's much more obvious on this demo. The music is slow, simple and driven by the single guitar delivering heavy riffs. It's fairly lo-fi as well. The musicianship is not astonishing but it hardly matters with the style they play. The production is pretty decent for a demo release. It's airy and atmospheric like on the ending of “Obsidian Temple” with its clean passage. The tone is pretty depressing, somewhat akin to Warning's “Watching from a Distance” but not as whiny and personal. It's mesmerizing stuff, it succeeds at creating a special aura with elementary tools and that's a real proof of their songwriting skills. It's dark but enchanting and never really tongue-in-cheek or too serious for its own sake.

The vocals, like some of the other French doom I reviewed, are the strength of Weird Light. High, operatic clean vocals are always something truly awesome in traditional doom and it's also the case here. While not thoroughly powerful, they are pretty damn good and they sound great for such a release. The vocals are slow and catchy especially on “Gogmagog (Under the Trumpets of Doom”). They have these weird, romantic vocal lines that I kept singing to myself. The ability to write memorable vocals is not given to everyone but I think they had it. The music itself is traditional doom but the vocals are adding this fabulous epic doom edge à la Candlemass.

A damn shame the duo were fairly inactive, their songwriting truly worked, the production is optimal for a demo. Their image, the artwork, everything is excellent. I'll go praise Satan and ask for their return. It's an essential demo for the doom fans, it's true and honest and one of the best offering the underground French doom scene has to offer.

The band is dead and their stuff is probably not findable so I don't think anyone would object that I share the demo, DOWNLOAD IT

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