Friday, 9 August 2013

The Bottle Doom Lazy Band - Blood for the Bloodking (2008) | 84%

The Baguette Doom Series pt. I : Poitou-Charentes

From Poitiers comes a very skilled band and the first I picked to be featured on this extensive series of reviews about French doom metal. Released in 2008, TBDLB's first album is quite enjoyable and deserves more recognition amongst the doom world. The band is currently working on a new album and it's long overdue, we'll see what they'll do with only one guitarist since one left the band last year.

Their sound is crushing, the duel guitars approach is heavy and it's fuzzy as fuck but it's never crossing into sludge or stoner territories. The songs are rather long and has an interesting spooky atmosphere. Despite the name of the band which is probably the result of an evening with too much wine and cheese for the bellies of these French doomsters. There's a good mix of mid paced riffing and slower tendencies that can be pretty harsh for traditional doom like on the epic “The Dead Can't Lose Again” and its distorted finale. Their doom sound is pretty unique and has hints of Saint Vitus, Reverend Bizarre or the heaviest non groovy moments of Cathedral. The seven minutes instrumental track “Evil Echoes” showcases the band's musicality extremely well. It builds a crescendo with the help of heavy yet simple riffs and balanced it with clean atmospheric guitars that doesn't quite work that much compared to their hard hitting slow approach. The piano interlude “Temple of Blind” truly works on the other hand.

Benjamin Reverseau's vocals are probably the highlight of the band for me. He's superb in my opinion. Torturous and operatic, his voice has a lot of beard into it and he's almost a Celtic sorcerer evoking Toutatis and his grand designs. He truly shines on the ten minutes track “Slowstone Banner”. He reminds me of the weirdness of Dorrian, the jolly operatic tendencies of Messiah and the overall tongue in cheek despair of Albert Witchfinder. The dude even has a song dedicated to him on Children of Doom's full length (to be reviewed)!

Not quite unique, the band is still pretty interesting and worthy of your ears, their musicianship is very decent, the vocal lines are always awesome albeit not present enough in some songs. Nonetheless, there's nothing utterly wrong about “Blood for the Bloodking”

Slow, mournful doom with a sense of musicality and interesting riffs is always interesting to hear and this band achieves this on their debut full length. A worthy album of an underrated scene, check them out and drink from their bottle.

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