Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Baguette Doom Series: Conclusion and Compilation

I had a very fun time writing this series of reviews about the French doom metal scene. There's some bands I wanted to review but I thought that the magical number of 10 was a good sign telling me to stop. I plan to do an Italian doom series soon enough as the scene is even better!

I wanted to do a podcast featuring all the bands but I decided to simply do a compilation as my English accent is, well, not quite better than a Frenchman to say the least! If you ever want to check some of these bands and can't find a downloadable link, contact me and I'll hit you up.

Here's the Dropbox link: CLICK ME! it's 80 minutes of awesome French doom.

Here's all the albums I reviewed:

I: The Bottle Doom Lazy Band - Blood for the Bloodking Read the review
II: Northwinds - Masters of Magic Read the review
III: Horrors of the Black Museum - Gold from the Coast Read the review
IV: Funeralium - Deceived Idealism Read the review
V: Marble Chariot - The Burden is so Heavy Read the review
VI: Weird Light - Doomicvs Vobiscvm Read the review
VII: Shelder - God of Vikings Read the review

VIII: Rising Dust - Rising Dust Read the review
IX: Children of Doom, Doom, Be Doom or Fuck Off Read the review

X: Eibon - II Read the review
XI: Barabbas - Barabbas Read the review

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