Monday, 4 February 2019

The Snack Series - Doritos Flaming Hot / Pringles Groovz Applewood Smoked Cheddar

Doritos Flaming Hot

After awkward but funny ideas like the Sonic Sour Cream Doritos (previously featured here), the Collisions ideas or even the Crunchy Nuts Doritos, the brand is back with something safer but hotter.

Packaging: I got a small bag since I'm not the toughest dude ever in relation to spiciness and I decided to try them for research purposes only. They're also available in normal Doritos bigger size bags for people more courageous than me.

Texture/Look: They were Doritos alright and except for their flashy "dangerously hot" red colour, they had nothing special going for them.

Taste: Doritos often releases spicy versions of their chips and some were better than others. Compared to the 2017 version called Heatwave, those were spicier but not as interesting. They lacked depth and panache and only went straight to the heat. Not necessarily a bad thing but I do prefer subtleties with my nachos.

Blazing hot take. Not for weak tongues

Pringles Groovz Applewood Smoked Cheddar

After some interesting ideas like the Tortilla releases (Nacho Cheese and Salsa were pretty damn legit), Pringles is trying to reinvent itself with Groovz, a wavy take on their classic chip. I mean, there's no reinvention here but it's still good stuff.

Packaging: It's a freaking can. Were you expecting Pringles to change their one and only winning formula? Nah, I didn't think so.

Texture/Look: They're wavy and crunchier than your usual Pringle. They feel good in the mouth, my dudes.

Taste: The cheddar taste is here but it's not really strong. Pringles usually go for low key and balance approaches and it's still the case here.

Nothing spectacular. Honest cheese chips.