Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Snack Series! Doritos Dinamita Review

Dinamita - Chili and lime /chile limon

11 bucks with a six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon Dry and another bag of Doritos or simply $1.49.

Bag/additional information:
The bright green bag is quite attractive to the eye. There's also 420 calories for the whole 80 grams package so it's perfect for when you decide to blaze it.

The main novelty of this limited edition doritos flavour is the rolled/twusted shape of the chip recalling the shape of a joint but unfortunately you can't smoke those. Tostitos also made something similar but it was their normal boring flavour but in a easily dipable format.

Possibly the spiciest chips I've ever tried! Usually, snack companies exagerate the spice level of their chips but this time Doritos were right to call those "Dinamita" as they really blow up my mouth. There's really a mix or zesty lime combined with the agressive chili flavour and it's super tasty. It's a potent mix and the Pabst was really useful to extinguish my fiery tongue. Even though it was really well done, the 80 grams bag was somewhat hard to finish without the whole thing without the help of my friend who has a bigger tolerance to spicyness.


Overall, a nice effort from Doritos.

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