Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Phobocosm - Bringer of Drought (2016) / 80%

Bringer of depressive death metal

Phobocosm has been the best Montréal death metal band for a while and their second full length will simply solidify their reputation as the band (who’s not Gorguts) to beat as far as Québec death metal is concerned. Québec, unfortunately for some, is still a Canadian province and the country creates a ton of interesting tenebrous extreme metal bands right now such as Mithochondrion.

Compared to their super good debut album Deprived, Bringer of Drought expands on the atmospheric side of the band with these longer compositions. The four songs/35 minutes album is an exercise of both restraint and pure unbridled aggression. Their core composed of occult cavernous death metal is still at its place but there’s definitely a large dose of post metal aesthetics (Neurosis is one of the favorite bands of their main composer) and of the atonal dissonance of Ulcerate. Admittedly, I thought the album was a bit too short for the genre represented here but since their music is so demanding and exhausting, it was a good decision. Albums are often too long nowadays anyway.

Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, etc...) is in charge of the production and while I think he’s often too clinical, he really did a great job for those guys. The vocals are voraciously deep, the guitars flexible with their aerial interpretation of Immolation and those long songs really benefit from this airy yet totally obscure and clean mix. Legit band.

Thanks to Dark Descent Records for the promo copy.
Soon on tour with Mitochondrion and Auroch / Also playing the Maryland Death Fest

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