Tuesday, 5 August 2014

RRROOOAAARRR DAY 3 - August 3rd - Incantation/Revenge/Abyss/Sabbatory/Occult Burial/Phobocosm @Sala Rossa, Montréal


Finally, the last day of the festival with perhaps my most anticipated band yet, Incantation. The crowd was a bit bigger for Blasphemy's gig until the 2 last bands on the bill, then it got a bit more crowded.

After a visit to the well furnished merchandise stand of Incantation (grabbed a shirt and a patch), we joined the limited number of people for the first band, the gig started earlier on Sunday so I guess that's one of the reasons why not a lot of persons were attending.

Phobocosm (7:00-7:20)

This newish death/doom metal band plays a lot locally so that's probably another reason a lot of people didn't show up that early. Their cavernous and atmospheric sound was quite enjoyable and even though it was my third time seeing them, they were still pretty nice. I can't wait for the release of their debut album (release gig with Adversarial, Thantifaxath and IRN)

8 dark as fuck occult death metal out of 10

Occult Burial (7:40-8:00)

This trio from Ottawa replaced Prosanctus Inferi (who cancelled like less than 2 weeks before the show). They play some sort of blackened thrashy heavy metal and they're intense as fuck. They mix the proto black metal of Bathory and classic Canadian speed metal with the melodic might and soloing of NWOBHM.

7 mullets and biker boots out of 10


Sabbatory (8:20ish-???)

From Winnipeg, these guys signed to Unspeakable Axe Records, the younger brother label of Dark Descent records played a high intensity short set mixing old school death metal and thrash in a fast, solo heavy formula. Reminding me of early Pestilence. Decent stuff albeit a bit generic.

6,5 Winnipeg Jets out of 10

Abyss (???-9:50ish)
This obscure band from Toronto were a fucking cool surprise even though I checked their live album before the fest. They play a super fast sort of death metal with some crust, hardcore or grindcore influences. The bass was super loud and the singer was a formidable frontman. Super good, a band to watch, I simply wish they had a better, more original name.

8,5 creepshows out of 10
Incantation (10:20 to 11:30ish)

One of the death metal masters played a long set composed of both old classic stuff from albums like Onward to Golgotha or Mortal Throne of Nazarene or their newest albums like Vanquish in Vengeance. I have no idea why they weren't the headliners since de facto, they definitely were. Pretty much a perfect band on every level, they just ripped. They played mostly fast, to the point tracks and it worked quite well. They still have it and I was glad to finally see them since it's been a while since they played in Montréal.

10 live blasphemies out of 10

John McEntee!

Revenge (12:00-no idea)

I was so tired and I don't like Revenge so I ditched after 2 songs.

3 days of pure insanity out of 10

It was an excellent festival, the crowds were good, it was well organized and it had a varied, interesting and cool line-up. I didn't go to any of the punk gigs and that's something I'd like to try next year depending on who's booked. 18 bands in 3 days was a lot of metal to enjoy, it was an incredible time. Let's hope for some international bands for the next edition (looking at you Bolt Thrower!)

Follow the festival here: RRROOOAAARRR

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