Saturday, 2 August 2014

RRROOOAAARRR DAY 1 - August 1st - Noothgrush/Iron Lung/Haymaker/Mammoth Grinder/Uniform/Ahna @Sala Rossa, Montréal

By Calum Fraser, Stéphane Pilotte and Antoine Richard


The first day of the festival opened with a night of varied genres but with an overall atmospheric similarity. The crowd was pretty decent (the pits were bad except for Haymaker). It was at this cool venue called La Salla Rossa. After getting some Mammoth Grinder, we went outside to chill outside before the first band,

Ahna (9:00 – 9:20)

Ahna from BC were the first band on the bill and they were kind of mediocre. They're supposed to play some sort of drone/doom/sludge but this set was a pretty fast one mixing generic amalgamation of extreme metal (such as black/death/sludge). The drummer was great, she had way better vocals than the main guitarist/singer but the bassist had no stage presence at all (he was facing the drummer the whole fucking time). They have cool artwork but their music is boring.

5 dirty crusty hippies out of 10

Uniform (9:40-10:00)
This duo from New York plays some sort of noise rock but they were insanely awful. We had to go outside after two songs. Noise rock isn't bad but they were totally lame. They had a shitty industrial drum machine, a vocalist who was trying way too fucking hard and jumping everywhere and the guitarist (who was also hand long the drum machine) and was strumming power chords. They looked like Deafheaven boys, fuck them.

0 flaming hipsters with shitty haircuts out of 10

Mammoth Grinder (10:20-10:40)

They were one of our most anticipated band but they sadly only had 20 minutes and they were still intense as shit. The trio had great energy but they didn't play any old stuff (due to time constraints) but we were a bit sad that “God Is Stuck In A Black Hole” wasn't on the setlist but this song is like seven minutes long! Even though the bassist had a great moustache and the guitarist/singer was insane, the highlight was probably this fat girl wearing a metal vest who fell down on her own twice in the pit. It was fucking hilarious. Definitely a great band mixing death metal, crust, hardcore, sludge into a potent fast attack,

8,5 metal fat chick out of 10

Mammoth Grinder

Haymaker (11:10-11:40)
Bringing in a raging assault of fortified hardcore, these dudes brought an element of unhinged violence to the show. Looking like a bunch of angry rednecks on steroids, this is one band you wouldn't want to fuck with. One of the guitarist was probably pushing 400lbs. The vocalist jumped off stage and remained in the pit for the duration of the set. Folding chairs were thrown, fireworks launched off, a huge bearded bald hulk lumbered through the pit, demolishing everyone in his path. The vocalist was prone to increasingly drunken political rants between sets. Although not the most sonically impressive act of the evening, this was easily the most intense performance.

7.5 abused folding chairs out of 10

Iron Lung (12:00 – 12:25)

Instead of the usual assorted metal between sets, they put on hip-hop jams while setting up to “cleanse the pallet”. Responding to someone shouting about “homos in the pit”, the drummer (and front man) went on a humorous rant about how homosexuals can enjoy moshing too. Between songs, apocalyptic spoken-word samples were played, which definitely set an ominous tone. With the drums moved to the centre of the stage, they were probably more important than all else, with a fucking tight, rabid performance. With a concoction of powerviolence, grind and d-beat mixed with sludge heavy enough to crush a city block, the only negative thing to be said about this set is that they played 25 minutes instead of the promised 40.

8 homophobic homos out 10

Iron Lung

Noothgrush (1:00 – 2:00)

Featuring scene legend Dino Sommese (of Dystopia, Asunder and Ghoul fame) on vox, this mix of crust-fuelled sludgy hate concluded this evening. Rounded off by a portly bald dude and a sexy Asian drummer, this was a solid finish to the night. They never strayed too far from their formula, but it was a strong one. Dino, clearly wasted off his ass and looking haggard as ever, brought in an insane intensity that matched the heavy-as-fuck riffs. Some morons tried to start the pit, but Dino quickly informed the crowd that “they were not a pitting band”. One of the only hitches was that the equipment kept breaking. The drumstick broke (one of which we caught) and near the end of the set a guitar string broke, causing a delay that made much of the crowd clear out. The only other problem was their set really didn't need to be an hour long, especially considering four hours had already elapsed since the beginning of the gig.

8 Asian milf drummers out of 10 

This gig was a great way to start the three days of aural destruction, tonight Blasphemy, Black Witchery and Funebrarum are gonna destroy us.


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