Saturday, 27 June 2020

Lay's Wavy Cheddar & Sour Cream Snack Review

So I went to my local grocery store earlier this week and to my total surprise, the family size bags of Lays were on sale for 3 for 8 bucks (8 Canadian dollars, that's like 6 USD or 130 Mexican Pesos, man) so I bought the new BBQ less salty (BLUE BAG), the safe but always original bacon Lays and this new wavy cheddar and sour cream flavour. I sat on the couch at around 10 pm and I slapped the whole bag while watching the new Eric Andre special on Netflix. I ate two small millefeuille before trashing the bag so I wasn't even that hungry. Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Packaging: Orange bag, cheddar colored. The bag shows the wavy texture of the chips, a block of cheddar and a small bowl of sour cream (I'd eat that shit with a spoon if I didn't restrain myself, it's like tzatziki sauce, spread that on my chest, please). Lay's always does a good but subtle job for their graphic design.

Texture: Pretty different than the widely known Ruffles, their biggest competitor. The Wavy Lay's are somewhat bigger chips and they're cut differently. Easy to eat and it has a textured feel on the tongue.

Taste: The most important part, eh? They're pretty good! They're super creamy chips with the right amount of zing zing as far as cheese chips goes. Not as complex as the Miss Vickies sour creams chips (top tier, let's be honest here) but they're frankly pretty decent and easy to devour in one, easy sitting. I tried a lot of cheese chips as I'd kill for cheese and the Lay's are a solid albeit a bit safe choice. Not disappointing.


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