Monday, 11 May 2020

Ruffles Cheeseburger Snack Review

Ah, what's better than some new Ruffles flavours to survive the Covid-19 pandemic? Beer. Yes, probably beer but something better than Budweiser who aligned themselves with Ruffles. PBR isn't better than Budweiser but it's the cheap beer I had in the fridge. I'm not gonna waste good beer. Released alongside the Hot Wings flavour, can the Cheeseburger appease my anxiety? (the answer is no)

Now, for the first time ever in a chips review, here's some social commentary. The whole marketing angle of Ruffles Canada for those two flavours is targeted at "men' who likes hot wings and cheeseburger with beer while watching SPORTS and it's frankly boring and retrograde. It's 2020, guys. Girls can like shit snacks too. The catchphrase on the back of the bag saying "get together with the buds" that's then translated to "rassemblez-vous entre gars" (get together with the boys) is sexist and unnecessary. The burger on the artwork looks juicy though...but putting a pint of Budweiser on the bag itself is a bit tacky.

The same as the usual Ruffles, there's some spots/spices to differentiate them from the other sorts though. The Ruffle chips is a legendary shape that you don't change.

Ok. Even if I slapped the whole bag in like fifteen minutes, I don't think they were good. The fact I'm having heartburn right now has nothing to do with it. The bag says "flame grilled, juicy authentic cheeseburger" and if they mean hints of ketchup, relish, mustard with a fake ground beef taste, it's pretty accurate. The aftertaste is not optimal either. It tastes like the idea of what a cheeseburger should taste like based on what an otherworldly but inapt being guessed. Maybe drinking both a PBR and some Arizona green tea while devouring the bag wasn't a good idea though but that's on me. Releasing those chips wasn't the best idea either. Stick to All Dressed or BBQ for Ruffles, guys.


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