Friday, 3 June 2016

The Snack Series: Jean Coutu délices - Ketchup / Sour Cream & Onions chips

Price : 
99 cents so I obviously bought 2 bags since I might as well be a family of five by now. I can feel good about myself because just before going to my nearby Jean Coutu (drugstore/convenience chain) to get those, I bought a bunch of sushis. I'm almost healthy.

Packaging/extra information :
1 buck for 140 grams of chips is really cheap. There's 270 calories for 50 grams but this is a totally irrelevant information since if you're like me, you'll eat the whole bag while watching the NHL playoffs or the re-runs of Friends on mute. The package is actually pretty cool in its subtility or the lack of it. There's a big bowl of ketchup and a tomato or some green onions (that are possibly absent from the recipe) depending of the flavour you got, they have nothing to envy from the big companies like Doritos or Lays except for the fact that Batman or Superman aren't on their bags.

Pretty thin round chips, nothing to call your mom about but the design is honest and easy to put in your mouth in a repeated and really fast way.

The taste is worth more than what I paid for. It’s comparable to Pabst Blue Ribbon in the way that you get an easy to drink beer for cheap. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to ruin yourself by buying Miss Vickies’ latest new pseudo snob flavour (feta olive oil caesar salad or whatever the fuck they’re doing)


A very fair product from the Jean Coutu Délices line.  Shoot me an email if you me to send you a bag, I ship overseas.

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