Thursday, 11 June 2015

Occult Burial – Promo MMXV (2015) / 75%

Evilness from the Capital

Occult Burial is a power trio from Ottawa and they play a vicious, old school sort of metal that will turn the dead into nightly shadowy creatures. The three dudes (including the drummer of super good trad metallers Iron Dogs from the same city) are on the edge of releasing a full length or, fuck I need them to!

This demo is about 10 minutes of pure first wave black metal fury with all the rightful elements you can expect from a band worshiping the tape-trading days of the 1980s. It has Cronos-esque vocals intertwined with the lovely “ughhhh” from Tom Gabriel Warrior's book of proto-extreme metal, evil thrash riffs from hell with solid but brief soloing and fast, backbeats drums. Think of a even more primitive Aura Noir and you're not far from what these dudes managed to sound like. It's super fast black/thrash with some heavy and speed injected into its undead organs. The production is raw but adequate and the riffs are distinct and hellishly heavy and uncompromising. I've seen the band live last summer and their energy was easily transposed to the stage. Bullet belts, alcohol and Satan is always a good mix.

Signed on the great Irish label Invictus Productions, Occult burial was born to rip you a new nasty hole. It's fun and wonderfully retro while never forcing the issue. They just love Bathory's debut so much and it's apparent and frankly, there's nothing wrong with that. Solid demo from these Canadian headbangers. Get it for free on Electric Assault's Bandcamp page.

They're playing an evil gig in Montréal soon, here's the event page.

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