Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Mulletcorpse - Disinfect (2012) / 15%

It's only 25 minutes... It's only 25 minutes...

That's the thing I constantly told myself when I was listening to these guys, god it's a style I never learned to liked. What style is it, precisely though? Well, hard to truly say since they probably don't know what they're doing and which direction to take themselves. They label their music as “death/grind” possibly because they fear the dreaded “deathcore” tag but that's what they are with a mix of other genres they don't really know how to integrate. 

The whole thing has obvious brutal death metal influences but it's not as sick or deranged enough to truly be something enjoyable. It's basically a mix of that with pseudo grind written by some dudes who think Dying Fetus is the epitome of the genre and think that Napalm Death aren't heavy enough and some modern djent tripe influences that are as disposable as the little poop bags I used when I walk my dog.

 The vocals are decent, more in line with actual death metal than grind or brutal death and they're possibly the only thing I actually liked on Disinfect except the integration of metalcoreish shouting such as in the closer “Posercrusher” (dudes, pretty sure you'd have to crush yourselves). The lyrics are uninteresting rambling about death but not gory, nasty or smart enough to be compelling for the genre(s) they play. 

“Congratulations, you've just been nominated the world's biggest wannabe”

Well, ok!

The band began to annoy me immensely me when the guitarists decided to stop playing riffs and branch out into djent/modern “metal” territories with these noodly and totally obnoxious riffs composed for a generation who grew up listening to all the wrong things. The songs are all around three minutes and they're constant attacks of badly written breakdowns and generic blastbeats and combined to the dual vocals, it's just unbearable. The musicians aren't the problem here since they're not bad, the songwriting and the melting pot of genres are what ruined this first full length

I'd rather listen to Periphery since at least they have a cohesive vision of their craft, Mulletcorpse are all over the place and can't seem to find a way to actively combine their wide of uninteresting musical genres.

Like mullets, the music of these Ontarians is ugly and for people with poor taste.


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