Sunday, 8 September 2013

Bedowyn - Wolves & Trees (2013) | 79%

Bedowyn Soundclash

Bedowyn is a new quartet from North Carolina and they released their first EP in August this year. The band plays a good mix of many different styles wrapped up in a modern but enjoyable coating. With only five songs, they managed to incorporate many different approaches but their vision always remained tangible and that's an achievement for a debut release. Not as insanely heavy as state brothers Weedeater, they still include their share of stoner infused vibes.

They have this instrumental side that works very well, the opener “Bisha'a” and half of “Snarling of Beasts” are instrumental songs and they know how to write groovy, interesting riffs. It has this similar vibe that you can find on Baroness' Blue Record. Heavy, albeit melodic metal driven by leads but yeah, you won't find much sludge here even though there's some hints here and there. Similar to the Georgians, they have a very good sense of riffs progression proving that even though it's the first band for the four musicians, they're all pretty experienced and talented. The core of their sound is perhaps a sort of stoner intertwined with heavy and doom metal. The vocal approach is definitely rooted in stoner with this mildly harsh vocal offering recalling Orange Goblin mixed with some harder hitting vocals like on “Evil/Right”

Their ability to crossover between the different sounds is impressive for a new band. It's well integrated in their five minutes track and there's no wandering with longer songs full of clutter (read my review for The Albion Codex). They still include some atmospheric moments and even experiment a little like on “O'Bitter Sea” which is almost a stoner version of Primordial. It has this oceanic vibe and acoustic guitars and it's not cheesy at all. 

They have the skills to write concise, crafty and catchy songs and while it's nothing quite new since they're only mixing existing styles in their formula, it's an interesting EP and an obvious potential is there. Even though I don't think it will give them their own headlining tours throughout the US, I'm not sure you can find a better opener for bands like Mastodon, Kylesa or even High On Fire.  They'll have to fight a certain derivativeness to a certain degree but their sound is quite mature already and that's nothing a good producer and intelligent support can fix.

Managing to be both in the comfort zone while trying to find new ways to push their sound, Bedowyn is simply a good band with smart and intelligent elements rightfully placed. Clean guitars, throaty but not too aggressive vocals and warm, well produced riffs made this EP a success and established a band with a shitload of potential. Someone should sign these guys, I'm sure they can pierce their market, they're hard working, their duel guitar attack is cool and they have this melodic edge which could appeal to a mainstream metal market while not alienating the others. 

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