Monday, 15 July 2013

Bonfire Sessions Montréal: Half Moon Run + Young Galaxy & Young Rival

The event:

For something different than what I usually talk about, here's a live review of this awesome free event. I must say it was one of the best musical experience of my life and twinned with a beatiful sunny day, I had a lot of fun. The location was kept secret until our arrival and I was pleasantly surprised that it was in Old Terrebonne, a city on the North Shore of Montréal. The location was on island near the old watermill and it was very dreamy. I was with my friend Pascal (from Tribunal, reviewed here) and considering beer was free, it was orgasmic! The atmosphere was joyful and friendly and everyone (around 700 to 1000 people) were enjoying themselves. It was a park with lots of trees and the stage was very beautiful and cosy. The girls were pretty, the smores were tasty, the grass was green and the shades of the hipsters were reflecting the sun into our minds.

The first band was Young Rival from Hamilton, Ontario and they were pretty cool. They're a trio and play conventionnal indie rock with some surf rock and garage rock influences. They're catchy and the vocals are similar to Julian Casablancas from The Strokes, so lots of reverb. Good songs albeit a bit by the book.

The second band was Young Galaxy from Vancouver (yeah, they're both young bands!) and they were much better than the first one. The female singer with red hair had a really vibrant stage presence while the music was quite good. They're a new wave/electro pop band with lots of post punk and synth pop influences. The keyboardist played 2nd guitar often and they had an excellent bassist. Their atmosphere was fun and I was into their sound, all dressed in white they were classy and 80s as fuck. Cool discovery and they have a lot of albums to check out, their new one Ultramarine is nominated for the 2013 Polaris Prize!

And the band we were all waiting for, the new indie darlings of Montréal Half Moon Run. Formed in the Québec metropolis by Ontarians and British Columbians, this band is one of the most promising indie bands on the planet. With only 1 album under their belts, the young and charismatic guys offered a very great show and they played 3 new songs. Their brand of indie rock with many different influences ranging from dream pop to folk and country to electronica and post rock is very lovely and pleasing. A trio with a session multi instrumentalist dude, they have a real synergy and a lot of energy. Devon Portielje's voice is powerful and full of emotions and his guitar playing is exceptional. Combined with his brother in arms Connor Molander who plays keyboards and guitars and back/co lead vocals, they're in total symbiosis. The third member plays both drums and bass (keys) at the same time! They're very lush and the vocal lines are melodic and recalls Simon & Garfunkel at times.

A great band with an immense future ahead of them, can't wait to hear their new stuff!

Their setlist thanks to my friend Pascal:

Half Moon Run!

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