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The End of Six Thousand Years - Perpetuum (2012) | 85%

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Oh Italy, the land of pasta, expensive cars and chest hair. The legendary country also has a vivid and varied metal scene and TEoSTY is one of the most diverse band I heard recently. Modernity has its fair share of good things and I believe the genres the band succeeded at mixing together is pretty interesting.

Their sound is not divided into snippets like many progressive bands are doing. Ah, a black metal part here and then a three minutes acoustic interlude before a keyboard solo ? Nah, not here. The mix of melodic death metal, black metal, progressive sludge, post hardcore and even crust is a well digested amalgamation. It almost sounds like Cult of Luna fighting with Amon Amarth. Imagine that, sludge hipsters with dress shirts fighting fat vikings.

It may sound like metalcore sometimes but that's perhaps due to the combination of many distinct genres than to the will to play this kind of music. I'm not trying to justify that I like that because it's not metalcore but it doesn't feel like they're in the same ocean as many of the contemporary core bands. They prefer to dive into the sea with the likes of The Ocean (haha) or the aforementioned Cult of Luna but with a much more concise and heavier approach because of the death and black metal parts. The influence of post metal giants like Neurosis and Isis is also present in their sound but It's much more aggressive than your usual post band too due to these extreme tendencies. 

The vocals remind me of Aaron Turner a bit mixed with a death approach, they're well served by the solid and modern production and are rightfully in your face. I guess we could compare them to one of the other metalcore band I can appreciate, the German band Heaven Shall Burn but add the post hardcore elements to the equation. They're certainly one of the highlights of the album, strong and powerful they're a good complement to their music. The band made me think of At the Gates if they were hipsters and were fans of post metal.

The album, like I said, has a clear direction and while we can identify the many components of their sound, there's no obvious moments where you say to yourself : ''HA, Neurosis influenced that part!!!! ''. The genres are mixed so well that it's hard to qualify at first. It's still pretty dreamy in its own way, a darker approach embellished by thoughtful sludge and some black metal riffing such as in ''Cygnus''. The music is not technical, it's groovy and emotional, it has some pretty enjoyable almost shoegazey breaks such as in the longest track ''Gemini'' and the last almost Alcest-like track.

They're a pretty cool band with good songwriting skills that putting the atmosphere first and the technicality second. It's better than their debut too which was more core-ish and less influenced by post metal/hardcore, perhaps because it's four years ago and the band changed a lot since then. It's an evolution that I can get behind though! If you want to hear a band influenced by many metal schools that's succeeding at building their own sound. If you're not scared by their diverse approach, you'll appreciate Perpetuum.

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