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Wardenclyffe - Ordo Ab Chao (2012) | 87%

A short story/doom metal fanfiction about the demo of Wardenclyffe, a Swedish doom/death band. If you're reading the story while listening to the album, it's a bit more entertaining and you could grasp the analogies better. You can find the demo here: on their bandcamp.

The Sombre Alchemist and The Cleric Prince

Prelude / I : Orcadian Dream

The smoke is darkening the sky, the city is in ruins. The air smells like putrefaction, the flesh is naked and bloody. The cleric prince who just came from his exile to the northern peninsula of the kingdom is daydreaming about the wind and the salty water of the coast where he was enjoying a peaceful retreat. This battle left a bitter taste in his mouth and his ears were a bit numb. All of a sudden, his brother in arms raised him up and put him on his saddle and escaped the grasp of the invaders. He closed his eyes, feeling the sea on his toes and wondered if he made the right choice by coming back.

The monastery was left untouched by the arrival of the invaders. The grass was still green and the monks were still busy. The remainder of Prince Jacob's army was scattered through the location, resting. As he was discussing with the abbot, Ola, his general appeared to let him know that a guest arrived from the capital to see him. He went to the courtyard where Micael, his most valiant fighter was sharpening his battleaxe. A frail man was waiting, Jacob then recognized Sir Albert Witchfinder, a former knight now at the service of the state. He was the man who gave him the symbol for his coat of arms : a tower with a circular dome. When the prince looked at him, his eyes were livid and he said something softly :

"Expelled from the garden – hard is the burden , As the tyrant from the past returns "

The nature of the enemy wasn't quite clear yet, but this omen truly confirmed the return of the Sombre Alchemist Dorrian. As he finished his message, Sir Witchfinder fell to the ground, exhausted by his fast travel. It appears that the dark lord took possession of the capital city, Wardenclyff. Dorrian, the sorcerer and leader of The Doomsday Cult was once a prominent member of the state before his dark arts' inclination appeared and took over his mind. In light of this new information, the prince looked at his 2 most trusted men and they knew they had to ride to the capital.

Riding on the devastated field, the sound of the horses was something almost joyful and sad at the same time. The galloping of the hooves evoking the urgency of confrontation and the grin you have before taking the life of a man. Summoning the old bards of yesteryear, the riders are asking favors to the deities named Jennings, Iommi or even Gabriel Fischer. While the men are tempted to think about the Dying Bride and letting romantic emotions flow through them, they prefer to sing in a gravely voice full of harshness to hunt the pain.

The destroyed city was still burning 1 week after its destruction and at its stone wall border, a troop was concealed. Led by the famous war chief of Dorrian, Nicklas Terror, well known for his heavy sword blows and his dark runemagic powers. While Jacob, Micael and Ola can compete with his strength, they prefer a fair and disciplined combat, some would say that they prefer to dance.

The nostrils of the horses were fuming, waiting for something tragic to happen. Finally, the 2 cavalries charged into eachothers. Bursts of pure energy and fire were flowing across the field. Rapidly, some of the soldiers were fighting on the ground. Micael attacked Nicklas Terror with his hammer. The blows were fast, you could hear the frenetic drumming of the god of death beating down the petty souls of mortals. Terror's sword finally managed to penetrate Micael's armor, the fighter still on his legs drove off in his ranks bleeding. The cleric prince saw the situation and reached his wounded friend in time to save him. Meanwhile,Terror barely escaped with his life at the hands of Ola, the bald warlord and his longsword. The border was then cleared and the road to the capital accessible !

II : Behind the Shadow of the Goat
The steps of the palace were getting slippery with all the blood of the dead capital soldiers. The Sombre Alchemist, a tall white man wearing an owl cowl hiding his straight long black hair was walking towards the grand building. His apostles armed with the blue light were creating a way for him. The palace of fallen majesty was now defenseless. The enormous door of the court room opened, the noblemen who were hiding in the safest room of the kingdom were rapidly surrounded by the apostles.

The king, enthralled by fear, was thrown on the clear marble floor now cluttered by some of the most adventurous noble warriors. The imposing lion sculpture in the middle of the court started to bleed at the touch of Dorrian. Some horns appeared on its solid scalp, the figure of the sculpted animal changed to the one of a morbid goat. A mixture of boiling blood and vomit engulfed the poor king. After a brief look at the macabre scene, the sombre alchemist started to sing this verse in his peculiar voice, a voice you were able to hear at night if you were near his infernal cathedral. A clean, albeit weird voice that is not melodic but rather grave and unnatural.

"Behind the shadow of the goat / Here comes the wrath of the obscure
Behind the shadow of the goat / They bring death onto the herd"

The blood coming from the eyes of the statue was dripping on the floors. The alchemist reached a scroll from his inside pockets, he started to sing the incantation written on this old parchment. Hastily, loud sound vibrations were now emanating from the statue. A mid paced buzz gorged with darkness was saluting the scared crowd. It's a groovy summon captivating the minds of the weak with its occult identity. The melodies are slow while strangely memorable. Despite being prisoners of The Doomsday Cult, some nicely-dressed men were carried away with the tempo.

The apostles, blissfully joyous in a circle around the statue, were unleashing hoarse verses in honor of the new regime. The snarls were stopping sometimes to let the dark lord sing his cleaner incantation. Hence, on this day,the souls of the nobility were tainted by a new caliginous devotion.

''They bring you the plague – planting the seed – for your destruction''As the Alchemist's army was ready to let loose throughout the kingdom, the tyrant removed his owl cowl, his deed was done.

III : Macroshift

Jacob the cleric was at the head of his cavalry when he entered the capital. Surprisingly defenseless, the prince entered under the adulation of the possessed population, gullible and touched by the sudden affection, he made his way to the fallen palace where his dead father was now resting. Alongside the streets, many musicians were playing an entrancing welcoming, the lead melody was mournful and sad not unlike the current atmosphere in the kingdom.

On the porch of the palace, Dorrian was waiting for him with the king's crown in his hands. Jacob led the slow procession through the city. He ordered his men to wait up while he climbed the stairs leading to the palace's entry. The dark loud sang this in a high clean voice :

"See – the prince arrives
Leave – the past to die
Meet – his paradise
Earth – shall be cleansed"

The prince removed his helm and knelt before the alchemist, the golden crown now laying in the fair hair of the fallen cleric was bright like the moon. When the gaze of Dorrian met the one of his accomplice, a loud blast was heard from the ranks as the pummeling sound of death made his way through the city. The deceiving liege lord, with a simple gesture, ordered the execution of the resistance, his former comrades. Ola, the warlord fell to his knees, facing his death to the hands of the esoteric apostles while Micael tried to flew, in vain. The deep slow melody continued during the bloodbath, the lamentations were silent as the new king, devoured by darkness was enjoying the spectacle. The order has ended, the chaos has taken its place.

''Ignite me – The wings of death arise / Release me – Unleash the Macroshift ''

Were the words written in the letter Jacob received from the Sombre Alchemist.

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